Esports Conex
23-24 May 2023
Maison de la Mutualité, Paris

What is Esports Conex?

Esports Conex is the World’s Greatest Esports Business Gathering

Esports Conex provides a conference and an exhibition for professionals from across the international esports industry to grow their business.  We next meet in Paris on 23-24 May 2023. From leading experts to consumer brands new to esports, all those taking part are united by the desire to connect, be inspired and, do business, in what is an incredibly exciting market. Oh, and we like to have fun, too!

Esports Conex ignites new conversations, new partnerships, new business deals – and we help shape the global esports industry.  Over the rest of the year, the ‘playlist’ includes our free-to-subscribe newsletter. That's for keeping our 14,000-strong global community ahead of the game, with updates and insights.

You, too, can choose to be a frontline player in the future of esports, and join us in Paris. Esports is one of the brightest spots in the gaming market. And a new era of expansion is on the horizon, as the metaverse heralds yet more innovation and an even deeper audience experience.

By 2025, global esports revenues are expected to reach more than US$1.86bn, representing a compound annual growth rate of +13.4% over 2020-2025 (source: Newzoo).

Let’s all push for the next win!

What you’ll find at Esports Conex ?

A unique opportunity to Connect & Do Business

✔ The 1-to-1 Agenda Package gives you access to 8 to 10 pre-scheduled meetings with potential business partners. The matchmaking programme may be driven by AI, but we like to add a human touch as well.  

✔ Everyone who is anyone in esports is all in one arena, in one city. During the event, there'll be plenty of special moments to network, meet new contacts, see old friends and spark memorable conversations. In short: to connect.

✔ Esports Conex is a platform to create business opportunities and grow your business. It is the place to ignite deals for sponsorships, franchise partnerships, merchandising, licensing, broadcasting rights and much more.

Discover & Understand what’s next

✔ The two-day Esports Conex Conference Programme provides insight into the overall esports landscape as well as into the strategic moves made by individual industry leaders.

✔ Esports Conex covers the full breadth of the industry, giving you the opportunity to have your burning questions answered on topics as varied as audiences, blockchain, diversity & inclusion, education, monetisation, innovation, investment and sponsorship.

✔ An all-day programme for global consumer brands takes place on the pre-opening day on 22 May 2023.  The programme is open to all those with the 1-to-1 Agenda All-Inclusive Package and to brands taking part in the Hosted Brands Programme.

Live the Experience

✔ Taking part in an event – just like in an esports game or tournament – is all about the experience.  At Esports Conex, we give you a premium experience in every detail and at every turn.

✔ As we look to bring sparkle to the conference programme, we’ll also be making sure that there’s plenty of time to have fun and to play a more relaxed game, whether at the opening reception or networking lunches. 

✔ Our roots as Esports BAR lie in Cannes. We were born there. Yes, we’ll miss the blue skies of the French Riviera, but as of 2023 we are in Paris, a global capital of esports and gaming – and host to the 2024 Summer Olympics

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